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Seize the rising opportunities in Qatari technology, media and telecommunication sector and take advantage on disruptions and cutting-edge solutions.

Qatar TMT Consulting Company
Telecom, Media and Technology Consulting in Qatar
The country is leading the tech innovation. According to the Ministry of Transport and Communication, Qatar's ICT market is estimated to reach US$4.4 billion in 2021, one of the fastest growth rate in the region. Qatar boasts to have achieved the highest level of internet penetration, with the world's first commercial 5G network was also launched in Qatar.

Moreover, the country has launched a national Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strategy in 2019 to adopt AI in securing economic and strategic future of Qatar.

Market Research Qatar is dedicated to guide clients thrive in the technology, media & telecommunication industry in the country. Our expert team offers advisory services in various key areas such as IoT, Big Data, artificial intelligence, 5G network and digital media. Supported by our deep understanding of the market, we will give actionable insights for clients to win the local Qatari market.

Our Key Service Offerings

Qatar Market Intelligence

We provide practical insights for our clients based on our hands-on experiences in managing businesses. Combined with our Qatari marketplace insights, we guide clients to anticipate changes in market demands and competition outlook.

Qatar Market Entry

We measure several possible alternatives to reduce financial ambiguity for our clients through providing related informations on customers, channels, partners, competitors, and many more

Qatar Competitive Intelligence

We identify Qatari market competition and gain insights from previous best practices to escape from costly breaches. Clients will get strategic advantage from the exploration of untapped opportunities and blind spots in the market.

Qatar Customer Intelligence

Our team will make comprehensive analysis on customer's buying trends, demographic and behavior from based on their persona to provide unique contribution in developing new products.


qcb qatar bank assets increased
QCB: Qatar Bank’s Assets Increased by 12.1% YOY

By the end of January 2020, the volume of commercial banks assets and also liabilities reached QR 1560.8 billion, an increase of QR5.8bn from December 2019 and 12.1% on year-on-year.

Qatar's 2020: budget heavy spending on infrastructure projects
Qatar’s 2020 Budget: Heavy Spending on Infrastructure Projects

Qatar’s 2020 budget was recorded as the state’s biggest budget in five fiscal years, following the heavy spending on mega infrastructure projects.

qatar’s economy to accelerate 2.7% in 2019
Qatar’s Economy to Accelerate 2.7% in 2019

Qatar’s economy is expected to experience robust growth and likely to be the highest in the region, positioning Qatar as one of the fastest-growing markets in the region and the world.

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