Build practical and relevant strategy in approaching and thriving in health and pharmaceutical business across Qatar.

Qatar Healthcare Consulting Company
Medical Market Research Qatar
Thrive in one of the world's top market. The country's health system was ranked among the top 5 worldwide and the first in the Middle East. Qatar's healthcare spending is also among the highest in the region, with around US$6.2 billion investment in 2018, and 1,100 beds were provided in a span of two years. This achievement is primarily driven by improved life expectancy, better health outcomes, as well as investment in healthcare infrastructure.

Furthermore, the rising burden of non-communicable diseases, growing population, and high spending per capita on medicine will create renewed opportunities for pharmaceutical businesses.

Market Research Qatar offers healthcare advisory services across different areas, including hospitals & clinics, healthcare digitization, hospital information systems, IT healthcare, pharmaceuticals, patient monitoring intelligence & devices, medical devices, and insurance. We will identify the right strategic plans to succeed in the local market competition.

Our Key Service Offerings

Qatar Market Intelligence

Our practical business experiences help us to provide actionable insights for our clients and guide them in projecting potential changes in market demands and emergence of new competitive threats.

Qatar Market Entry

We consider several practical options to cut down financial ambiguity for our clients through relevant market informations, including customers, channels, partners, competitors, and many more.

Qatar Competitive Intelligence

We identify market competition in Qatar and learn from best practices to minimize costly omissions and reinventions. We assure clients with unique advantage through the discovery of unexplored market opportunities and blind spots.

Qatar Customer Intelligence

In order to give strategic input for the development of new products, our team will build comprehensive analysis to identify customers' demographic, behavior and buying trends based on their persona.


Energy Market
Qatar to Lead Renewable Energy Market

Qatar's renewable energy development holds solid promises to reach its zero-emission schedule in 2030.

Qatar: Coming Strong in the Post-Pandemic Era

Qatar shows positive progress of recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, but challenges remain threatening to the country’s long-term development strategies.

Qatar Construction
Qatar: The Regional Leader in Mega Construction

Qatar's construction development remains resilient due to the shift in government spending as it seeks to diversify its economy.

Qatar to Dominate the Natural Gas Industry
Qatar to Dominate the Natural Gas Industry

As the world's largest exporter of liquefied natural gas (LNG), Qatar seeks to dominate the industry by increasing its output and optimize its market competition strategy, specifically to Asia's nascent market.

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