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Qatar is well-known as the country of creative energy, a leader in Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) sector and one of the desirable investment destinations of the world. Petroleum and natural gas are the cornerstones of Qatar's economy and account for more than 70% of total government revenue. The Qatari government believes LNG is the future of the world’s energy.

Despite being the world’s third-largest gas reserves, Qatar is adopting a new policy aiming at diversifying income resources and developing economic infrastructure, the prosperity of natural resources alongside its growing and diversifying economy allows easier access to investment opportunities and incentives.

Market Research Qatar helps multinational corporations to capture opportunities in Qayat and other Middle East markets through our market entry, growth strategy, project management support, market research and intelligence services based on our expertise, established networks, boots-on-the-ground insights, and know-how.

Qatar welcomes foreign participation in a joint venture to invest in all the various sectors of the national economy with 51% Qatari participation. Invest and enter the Qatari market which is pursuing the future with new ambitious plans through various of our services and cooperation with local partners.

Market Research Qatar is an Asia-focused management consulting firm, supporting the growth of Fortune 500 companies and Arab conglomerates in emerging markets across Asia. We deliver comprehensive market research and strategies to our clients at the Asia Pacific Region and the local level. By providing our clients with unique market insights, we build their business for countries they currently operate in, as well as countries they want to be operating in.

With a presence in the GCC and 13 other Asian markets, We take pride in producing unique and in-depth insights efficiently, and providing strategic advisory support tailored to aid effective executive-level decision-making. We aim to present reliable data, insights, and roadmaps to enter or take a leadership position in any Asian market, and to provide effective strategic recommendations to our clients in order to accelerate their business growth.

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I would like to extend my appreciation to YCP Solidiance and your team for the marvelous work performed during the course of the project. We wish to work with you again very soon. "

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Qatar as the Leading Innovator of 5G Disruption
Qatar as the Leading Innovator of 5G Disruption

As the telecommunication industry's regional leader, Qatar is focusing on progressing towards the penetrations of 5G to the Middle East region.

5G is Set to Lead Qatar’s Businesses
5G is Set to Lead Qatar’s Businesses

With the most successful startup ideas being app-based, Qatar ranks among the top globally for internet penetration. Further, 5G is expected to unleash the full potential of Qatar.

qcb qatar bank assets increased
QCB: Qatar Bank’s Assets Increased by 12.1% YOY

By the end of January 2020, the volume of commercial banks assets and also liabilities reached QR 1560.8 billion, an increase of QR5.8bn from December 2019 and 12.1% on year-on-year.

Qatar's 2020: budget heavy spending on infrastructure projects
Qatar’s 2020 Budget: Heavy Spending on Infrastructure Projects

Qatar’s 2020 budget was recorded as the state’s biggest budget in five fiscal years, following the heavy spending on mega infrastructure projects.